Super Smash Flash 2

Super Smash Flash 2 is a great sequel from the first Super Smash Flash. The game dynamics, characters, and stages/maps have undergone massive improvements in order to make the game better. It is a free-to-play game and just to whet your appetite, this article will introduce to you some of the characters and stages in the game.

You can play the game SSF2 on Furg Games.


• Mario
Super Smash Flash 2 would not be the game it is if it were not for the most iconic video game character of all time. The thought of having Mario jumping around again is mouthwatering. The fact that the objective is to knock an opponent off the stage is even better. Using Mario to kick other characters off is so much fun. His special moves are:

Standard special move – fireball
Side special move – Cape
Up special move – Super jump punch
Down Special Move – Star spin
Final Smash – Mario Finale
• Fox

Anyone who has played Smash Bros is familiar with Fox. He is a really fast character. His combos are fast and can be grounded or aerial. He is quite straightforward and has a bit of projectile play. Interestingly, he has a reflector move that can ward off projectile attacks that are aimed at him. His special moves are:

Standard Special Move – Blaster

Side Special Move – Fox Illusion

Up Special Move – Fire Fox

Down Special Move – Reflector

Final Smash – Land Master

• Kirby

I honestly was not going to write about Kirby. However, that changed when I played using Mario and lost to him. In my defense, it was my first ever Super Smash Flash 2 game. I came second in a 4-way battle.

Anyway, Kirby is definitely popular among Nintendo gamers. He has a round appearance and can copy his foe’s abilities. He steals his enemy’s powers by inhaling them. His special moves are:

Standard Special Move -Inhale

Side Special Move – Hammer

Up Special Move – Final Cutter

Down Special Move – Stone

Final Smash – Cook Kirby

• Wario

Covering Mario and leaving out Wario would be an injustice. Any Mario fan would know that Wario was originally created as his antagonist. He is an obese, muscular, hot-tempered, and greedy man. Despite his obese nature, he surprisingly possesses very strong aerial threats and mobility. His ground game is equally powerful. His special moves are:

Standard Special Move – Chomp

Side Special Move – Shoulder Bash

Up Special Move – Corkscrew

Down Special Move – Wario Waft

Final Smash – Wario-Man

• Zelda

Legend of Zelda fans, you are in for a treat! She is as graceful and elegant as ever. While she may be a lightweight character, she has strong attacks that are backed up by her incredible magic. This can even allow her to deal damage to multiple targets. Her special moves are:

Standard Special Move – Nayru’s Love

Side Special Move – Din’s Fire

Up Special Move – Farore’s Wind

Down Special Move – Transform

Final Smash – Light Arrow


• Mushroom Kingdom III

If you love dynamic advantages/disadvantages in a game then this setting will totally amaze you. It gives you a feeling that you are playing a Mario game since that is where it draws its inspiration from. In the middle, there is a platform that moves back and forth if someone is standing on it. Just for your fun, I recommend a Mario vs Wario fight in this map.

• Twilight Town

If I am very honest I chose to write about this stage only because of the color. Well technically, the change in color. Fighting on the rooftops is usually fun, but when the sun is shining and it sets as the fight nears its climax, you have an unreal feeling while playing the game. It is definitely one of the best places in this game.

• Mirror Chamber

Oh Kirby, why are you so infectiously adorable? For real, this setting is all Kirby. It serves as the main hub of the game “Kirby and the Amazing Mirror”. I will let you explore the dynamics of this stage rather than provide warnings. So, all I will tell you is that the mirrors alter how the game/battle progresses. Will you lose or will you win? Will you gain an advantage or lose it? Play and find out!


The characters and stages I have talked about are just a tip of the iceberg. There are over 20 characters to choose from. These range from the classic characters like Yoshi and Pikachu to newcomers such as Lloyd Irving, Goku, and Naruto Uzumaki. There are lots of stages to wage your battles in as well. This game is so much fun and you will definitely enjoy playing it. Put it on your to-do list and if you are free after reading this, start playing it. Game on!